Dearest Olivia





Today is officially the beginning of my favorite time of year. The leaves are changing, cloudy days are starting and pumpkin can be found everywhere. I opened all of my windows this morning to feel the cooler air and felt more inspired then ever. 

Today also will also be our last day in our current apartment. We will be moving to our fourth (yes fourth) apartment in less than two years. Me and Sean decided to make the decision to move outside of the City across the water to Bremerton, WA. The choice was made specifically as a reflection based on my recent career change to a full time freelance graphic designer. We wanted to be smarter and take extra precaution knowing this would be a new adventure for the both of us.

Bremerton is an hour ferry ride from downtown Seattle so we figured it was pretty doable when first deciding. We lasted less than a month realizing how much we missed being in the center of everything. Having a lower rent payment felt great but feeling isolated at the same time was hard to deal with. All weekend we re-packed our belongings and will be taking the ferry one more time across the Sound back to Seattle tomorrow morning to our new apartment.

September has been hectic for both of us. After freelancing for less than a few months, I have been blessed to have worked with so many wonderful clients. It feels so overwhelming to have people reach out because they want to work with you. Now October has arrived, I made a promise to myself to not always jump at every opportunity that comes my way. I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed with always needing to say yes to every project before realizing that it may not be worth the extra time.

Currently, I am proud to say I am mostly booked for the month ahead but will be scheduling projects for November/December if anyone chooses to reach out and work with me. Happy October and Happy Fall!

Thanks for reading, please follow along as I continue to write more about the freelance life, personal projects and much more. Stay tuned lovelies.

If you’d like to work with me then here is what we can do together, logo/brand design, web design, illustration, hand lettering, calligraphy, print design and wedding invitations. I am open to hearing about any project and love working with new clients so reach out!

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