Dearest Olivia


Annette Lake



Yesterday morning I attempted my first solo hike with Pike after taking Sean to the airport. We were up at 4 AM and made the trek to Annette Lake around 7 AM. The trail is 7.5 miles round trip with a small secluded lake at the top. The entire way up it was just me and Pike which made me feel a little nervous at times but it was also very peaceful to be alone. Pictures below while the morning fog settled.

Annette Lake - Washington Trails Association

Photo Sep 09, 8 26 46 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 09, 8 27 02 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 09, 8 27 54 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 09, 8 44 17 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 09, 8 44 57 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 09, 8 47 36 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 05, 12 02 04 PM copy.jpg
Photo Sep 09, 9 21 28 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 09, 9 36 32 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 09, 9 36 25 AM.jpg

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