Dearest Olivia


Hello Dearest Olivia


Where do I begin?

I want to relish in this moment and delay it for as long as possible because I still haven’t fully come to terms with what I’ve done. Two days ago I quit my full-time position as an in-house designer for a corporate company to pursue the things I am most passionate about. I have no stability and no reassurance on anything when it comes to thinking about my future but it’s one of the best feelings I have felt in a long time.

Since college, I have done everything you were supposed to do. Graduate, find a job, pay your debt, get promoted and then work harder. I have been fortunate enough to have worked at a marketing firm for three years and then an architect firm this past year. I have experience and knowledge that has allowed me to grow as a designer and I will always be thankful for those positions, but I am ready for something better. Happiness and a little bit of freedom.

This entire year I struggled to find the reason why I went into graphic design. I didn’t enjoy any of the work I was producing and I was beginning to resent my decision for a career. I craved variety and felt the need to try something new. My everyday schedule started to make me feel like I was on repeat. The desk I sat at felt suffocating and uninspiring. I had no room to breathe, no motivation to create, and no room to grow. I needed to leave but felt trapped by uncertainty of not knowing what to do next. It has been one of hardest years in my career but also one in which I was able to learn the most about myself.

The desk I sat at felt suffocating and uninspiring.
I had no room to breathe, no motivation to create
and no room to grow.

I have been freelancing on the side for the past year now and love the clients I have been lucky enough to work with. I enjoyed the control and creative freedom to just represent myself and my own capabilities. It’s just me, the client and one of the easiest processes I’ve experienced since starting my career.

I took time for myself this summer to figure out what I wanted. What am I truly passionate about and why did I choose to go into design? What do I love most about this career and what do I want to do with my future? I focused on the things that made me feel happy and worried less about the what ifs. Through the support of my boyfriend Sean, my family and friends I decided to make a change. I quit my job and am now officially working full time for myself as a freelancer and I feel overwhelmed with positivity about the decision.

I already have been fortunate enough to work with wonderful clients and am currently pursuing the projects I am passionate about (like my wedding stationary shop – more to come soon). I feel free and am open to the possibilities on where this decision will take me. I may fall flat and the whole thing fails but that’s okay. Knowing that I tried and decided to make the jump is enough to keep me optimistic about my next adventure. Stay tuned for there is so much more to talk about and this is only the beginning.

Thanks for reading, please follow along as I continue to write more about the freelance life, personal projects and much more. Stay tuned lovelies.

If you’d like to work with me then here is what we can do together, logo/brand design, web design, illustration, hand lettering, calligraphy, print design and wedding invitations. I am open to hearing about any project and love working with new clients so reach out!

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