A Year in Review 2018


Happy New Year everyone and what a year it has been! To summarize, 2018 was insane and 2019 has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. We are already four days in and I have launched my new website, landed a handful of new clients and just booked my first dream project yet as a freelancer. Holy cow! So much has changed for both me and Sean that I was almost overwhelmed in capturing it all in one post. I won’t go into the crazy details of everything but just enough to let you know what is happening in both of our lives as we start a new year together.

Career Status

Yes I am still freelancing and have been all of last year…. no work slowing down here anytime soon. The biggest change for my career was choosing to accept a remote position with a company based in San Diego for the first time ever. I have never done remote work before but after freelancing with so many clients all over the country it felt like something I could handle and honestly it’s been so great. The company is so cool and I am so blessed with how much freedom and trust they have given to me, they’re truly amazing.

This past year I also got really into my illustrations and started to take more Skillshare classes to broaden my skill set a little more (I highly recommend this class by Libby VanderPloeg). Lately I am obsessing over using my new Ipad Pro + Procreate app to create hand illustrations and bringing them to life with some subtle animation techniques like this one here!

Dearest Olivia taught me the hardest lesson on how to navigate both the business and creative sides of running my own company. There were definitely some challenging moments of dealing with difficult clients, not getting paid and other things but it was all part of learning how to be a freelancer. I am so excited for my career this year and already have a lot of goals I want to hit like opening my own shop once I take care of the details, expanding my photography skills and web design skills for future clients.

We moved again

Sean made a big change for his own career late last year by saying goodbye to the hospital he worked at for two years in Seattle and venturing into travel nursing. Since I am remote and can work anywhere it seemed like the right opportunity for us both to see other areas of the country before choosing to settle down somewhere. After living in Seattle for over two years we weren’t sure if we were ready to call it home just yet, but we definitely miss it. We miss the Pacific Northwest in general the longer we are away from that side of the country.

Currently, we are finishing up his first assignment in Annapolis, MD and are heading out on the road again to his next assignment TBD. There have been some challenges with choosing this path but we just take it all in as another learning opportunity, after all we did make this decision together. I think we both know where we want to be and where we could see ourselves settling down but for now we’re just enjoying the journey.

Money Goals

Oh money, it is crazy how much life really does revolve around such a thing (in so many ways that is). Sean and I both have debt from college that we never really sat down and went over together…. we just made our payments and hoped for the best, never really sticking to any type of budget or plan. After getting screwed in 2018 from mistakes, bad people and bad clients we wanted to make it a priority for 2019 and create a plan that could benefit our future together. I also love creating excel documents, budgets, lists etc. so I was pumped when we sat down together to organize everything. We officially started the snowball method and used UndebtIt to map out all our financials. It has been amazing at keeping us accountable on payments etc. I highly recommend it for anyone also wanting to create a financial plan this year.

Overall, those are probably our biggest changes of 2018 but I could honestly keep adding to the list if I wanted to. There were definitely some good things, some bad things and a lot of “we won’t be making that mistake again” happening, all part of a year long journey that I’m sure so many of you can relate to.

Reading through it now I think me and Sean can both agree on how much we have learned and grown as a couple still trying to figure out this game called life but we’re excited. 2019 will be another adventure, another journey for us both and this blog will help keep you updated on changes to come as we start this new year together. Thanks for reading!